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Communication with Laser Marking Devices


I tried to connect UR3e control box to Laser Marking controlling unit via Ethernet option but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m trying to implement a Master-Slave functionality. Master being UR3e. However, wasn’t able to achieve communication between those two.

Any suggestion please on how to achieve this?

Well I guess the most obvious question is are they both on the same subnet, but you’ve probably checked that.

I’d ssh into the robot and try pinging the other device.

What communications protocol does the Laser Marking device use?

Feel free to share its manual if you have it.

The Keyence (Laser Marker) uses Ethernet and RS 232C for communication. I have attached the manual.

Thank you for responding.
Ethernet-IP_UM_491GB_252009_E_1018-6 (002).pdf (1.5 MB)

Others can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe the robot can act as an Ethernet/IP scanner, just adapter.

Here is a thread where they talk about setting up an RS-232 method with the robot including link to video from ANE:

This is correct; the robot can only be an Adapter for Ethernet/IP and Profinet.