Access the Safety IO function assignments in URCaps API


Access the Safety IO function assignments in URCaps API.

What is it?

Currently there is no function to access the ‘function assignments’ configuration of the safety IO channels. For example, it is not possible to chek whether the robot has a safety output for System Emergency Stop.

Why is it needed?

The URCap should only proceed with generateScript when a specific safety function exists. Typical use case is to check whether System Emergency Stop is available as an output, that will safely deactivate the external hardware device that is controlled by the URCap. Additionally, the URCap may be able to create the required function assignment if it does not exist.

The currently possible workaround is to display a safety warning message to inform the user about additional steps required, but the presence of the signal cannot be enforced.

For further information, refer to Configurable safety output types API