Can UR's EIP be used to control a gripper?

I have seen the examples whereby UR is used to communicate with a PLC via EIP.
In those examples, the external devices (Allen Bradley PLC in this case) acts as the scanner (perhaps the term ‘master’?).

Now in my setup, I have an SMC linear actuator controller (JXC917) that is controlled via EIP, this controller manipulates a stepper motor gripper. My question is, will my UR be able to act as a ‘scanner’/‘master’ and control the JXC917? I assume it will be via some UR script that manipulates certain registers which then affects the JXC controller.

In short, will I be able to control my JXC917 controller via EIP, using my UR (UR5 CB3 if that matters)?

Or is UR’s EIP always meant for devices such as another PLC where those PLC acts as the ‘master’ while UR act as an adapter/‘slave’ ?

The UR currently can only act as an adapter/slave so you will need an external PLC to control both devices.

Thanks for the reply. Much apologies for the long delay as we deviated from the usage of the SMC linear actuator in the end.