Cognex Vision Guidance issue

I’m trying to use the Cognex URCap for vision guidance on my UR3e. I have my camera mounted on my robot. It works pretty well when I’m picking parts of a surface parallel to my base plane. My problem is I’m trying to pick out of trays that are mounted at a 45^ angle to my base plane on 2 different sides of my robot. I’m able to run my calibration but the coordinates that come back from my camera send my robot off to the wrong position(not even close). I’m guessing that has to do with the URCap transferring positions on the base plane and not my angle plane.

Does anyone know how to correct this? If not is ther a good place to go to figure out the vision guidance not using the URCap?


You described exactly the same problem I have, 45 degrees tilted plane, I am using a UR10 . No matter what changes I do to in the cognex program ,the UR or the installation the results do not have any logic.
I am following this tutorial and it does not show that the tool has to be in the field of view of the tool however the documentation does. Does it?