Orientation of circle changed

hi. I am trying to create a circle path for sealant application.
Consider a reference circle. I have fixed the center and got its co-ordinates using get_actual_tcp_pose()
Same way, four waypoints are defined in the circumference of the circle. say X1,X2,Y1,Y2.
These are the reference points of the circle.

Now as to the application, there will be a deviation in circle wrt RX RY RZ everytime.
Now how can we calculate the deviation in the circle so that the COBOT applies sealant to the circle as like the refr circle.

Try using the framework from this article Complete Circle using MoveP

If you are creating a spiral pattern for the application I would use a loop and add/subtract a distance value in either the X or Y direction of each of those waypoints each pass through the loop (basically creating the waypoints as assignments and using variable waypoints in the moveP command, hopefully that makes sense)

If you are trying to create an adaptable program for different sized circles you could create an assignment that asks operator to enter diameter/radius at the start of the program. Based off of the input and a little math you could get the circle size you wanted using the method above. Only issue is you will need to concentrically aligned these parts to avoid having to shift all the waypoints. I’m thinking of like a low profile 3d printed stepper drill part (I call it the “Christmas tree”) that you can easily slip the part over and remove it as well without getting in the way of the sealant nozzle or travel of robot.

Sorry for the long post, there are probably better methods out there that URcommunity might have for you, but hope that helps and best of luck!

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Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:
Will try this and give feed back.