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C296A1 Fault ; SCB IO failed power on

Hello, I have a UR5e robot. I turned it on for the first time and the message “C296A1: SCB IO failed to power on” appeared on the initialization screen. Terminal “PWR” is shorted to terminal “24V”, terminal “GND” is shorted to terminal “0” V as default configuration. Does anyone have any idea what this might be about?

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Hi Daniel! Firstly, welcome to our community. I’m sorry you’re receiving this error. I’m confident we can figure it out. There are two things I am going to try to do to help.

Firstly, I have taken a screenshot of your questions and sent it to our internal support team to see if they can provide you some ideas on what to do (here or directly by email).

Secondly, I would like to recommend that you take a look at our MyUR portal on our website. myur.universal-robots.com
MyUR is a great place to browse existing knowledge base, register your robot, and even open a ticket for support for items like this. It might be helpful in the event that the solution for the problem has anything to do with parts replacement.

Feel free to come back here and let us know how we did in helping you.

Hello Daniel,
Your setup looks OK. Check please that the screws on terminal are tighten enough and terminal connector sits well in the connector’s counterpart. Be sure there is no short circuit caused externally like wrongly connected device to IO board, bad wiring, etc.
Review your setup according the User Manual/e-Series, chapter 6.4. Controller I/O.
If problem persists, contact please distributor you have purchased the robot from or create a support case on http://myur.universal-robots.com.