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Bug: Hold value of gp output after setting action

Hi, development support.

I found the bug on polyscope SW3.15.0

It is that value of gp output cannot be changed after setting action to none manually.

Please check this behaivor.

I confirm the behaviour on URSim 5.10 with @fujikit’s sample Ethernet/IP I/O Monitor URCap.

However if you write and read the gp output in URScript and save the value in a program variable you can see that they work even after setting “High when not running” and then “None”. Maybe there is a problem in your sample or in RTDE.

I confirmed this problem also without my urcap.
I sent the script from SocketTest App.

Hi @fujikit,

Thank you so much for letting us know! It seems like Polyscope does not send a set_runstate_gp_boolean_output_to_value(0, 0) to the controller in this situation. I will report that internally.