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Bitwise operators and hexadecimal numbers in UR Script

Hello everyone, I’ve been using UR script for a while and noticed there were no bit-wise operators such as OR, AND, XOR, and shift left and right. Would there be a possibility to add these? I’ve been using custom functions that I’ve written to replace these operators:

def bit_and(par1, par2):
    par1bits = integer_to_binary_list(par1)
    par2bits = integer_to_binary_list(par2)
    outBits = integer_to_binary_list(0)
    i = 0
    while i < 32:
        outBits[i] = par1bits[i] and par2bits[i]
        i = i + 1
    return binary_list_to_integer(outBits)

and so on for OR and XOR.

Would there also be a way to allow UR script to allow hexadecimal numbers? such as ‘0x000F’ to represent a decimal ‘16’.

These would be all QOL changes, as the absence of these can all can be worked around but I think it could speed up some scripting applications. :wink:


@richard.abbott may want to log that also under feature requests, good idea!

Also, the to_num() method can take hexadecimal as a valid data type and return the number so you would think that it would be possible to make the parser understand hexadecimal.

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