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URCap ASCII converter


I’m working on a project, which includes data in various types, like string, int, hex, send and received from/to UR3 robot. Unfortunatelly, cobot controller do not support some types of data, so when it comes to sending hexadecimal variables, it doesn’t work properly (partner device do not get proper data). I was trying to send values in different types, one letter and a large numbers in string, but it doesn’t do well. The solution of this problem would be an additional PLC component to receive data and change its type, but I was thinking, if there is another way to do it? Does anyone know, is there a URCap addon which could convert any data to another type? Does anyone made something like this? Or do You have any idea how could I send a proper hexadecimal values from UR cobot?

I would be much obliged for any answers!