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URScript division operation involving integers produces unwanted float result

I’ve been trying to generate integer indices that roll over after a certain limit. In the absence of a URScript mod() function I was trying to construct my own. This involved assuming that the dividend resulting from the operation:

idividend = inum/idivisor

where idividend, inum and idivisor are all initialized to integers,

will also be an integer.

Unfortunately, when I tried to perform this operation in URScript, idividend was converted from an int to a float. Is this a bug or a feature?

Any suggestions as to a way to accomplish my objective, either an available URscript mod() function or a way to truncate/convert a float?

In the meantime the immediate problem has been solved by adding the necessary functionality to an existing xml-rpc server used by the vision system. Still it would seem that the functionality should be part of URScript.

use the operator % to calculate modulo.
e.g. result := var_1 % 10

btw. I did not find it in the manual, but by interpreting the generated script code from polyscope.

maybe the script-functions floor() or ceil() do what you want. You may use floor() for positive values and ceil() for negative to cut off all after the decimal point (the result is still a float).

This can be found in the scriptmanual.

Many thanks.

The % operator is what I was looking for. In addition to searching the manual I had tried to create a POLYSCOPE assignment instruction but did not find the % operator listed in the graphical programming environment menu. So I assumed it did not exist.

It seems that both the menu and the manual.should be updated.

@rkm Were you able to find the % symbol in the GUI ?
I need to use it to perform the modulo function as well.


Numbers in PolyScope are generally not devided into either float or integers - they are just numbers.
If the % operator is not on the on-screen keyboard. You can use an external USB keyboard or import the .script file from PC.

Is it a polyscope version thing? Because the % is on the 3.7.1 keyboard. It is both on the Danish and English keyboard at least.

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Thanks for the prompt responses.
Yes, I updated the polyscope platform to version 3.7 and I was able to find the % symbol on the GUI keyboard.
Have not tried to use it through an external keyboard yet but I believe that should work too.