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Basic file access / location questions

Is there any documentation that talks about file locations and how to get access to files without going through the magic file process ?

I see that there is an SSH server running. I can hit it but can’t find a username / password.

I would like to be able to SSH into my UR5 and place program and configuration files on the unit from a remote computer.

Is there a guide to where the program files go ? Configuration files ?

Any help is appreciated.


Hi Machollett

Program files and installation files reside in /programs folder. You can use username as root and pwd as easybot.

Thank you for the information.

The .urp .script and .txt files go in the /programs folder.

Do the .installation and .variables files also go in the /programs folder or are they stored in another location.


Installation files (including variables) are all stored in /programs/
All user accessible files should be stored here.

There isnt another user set up on the controller?
Would prefer to not use root :slight_smile:

In current software (5.3, 3.9) all services in the robot is executed as root.