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Bad orientation after blend

Software version: 3.7 - 3.11
Robot generation: CB 3.1

Single access to the point

Double access to the point

Steps to reproduce:

First waypoint - stop at this point
Second waypoint - blend
Third waypoint - stop at this point - non exact rotation
Fourth waypoint - stop at this point - exact rotation

Third and fourth waypoint are the same.

Expected behavior:

If We have “stop at this point” command we should reach exact point with exact rotation

Actual behavior:

At third waypoint we reach exact position but we have a little bit different and only after reaching the same point again we reach exact orientation.

Hi Damian,
This bug was fixed together with blending algorithm changes for eSeries. Unfortunately this was breaking change, and could not be ported back to G3.
Workaround is to have the same waypoint repeated twice at the end of move sequence. This compensates for rotation over or undershoot.

The same problem is mentioned in this post: