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Automove when start in remote control


I currently work with 3 e-series on a machine and I wanted to start them with one button so that the operator doesn’t have to touch the teach. My problem is that when I start the robot with the input “ON” remotly, and with remote controle activated, the robot boot and start the program but ask me to “automove” to the first position. I want it to move automaticly on this position.

Do you have an idea ?



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If the first movement in your program is relative. It should solve your issue.


Thank you it worked.


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The other thing you can do is make the first move a variable waypoint and that too will solve the issue. This is also how you can teach a homing routine so that the program can start from anywhere and know how to get to a safe home position.

The start of our programs sets the current pose to a variable and then moves to that variable, that is followed by either a simple home waypoint or a more complex home routine depending on the application and how complex the start of the program could be depending on the cell layout.

Thank you for the advice ! It will help my future programs