Problems with Remote Control


I’m using a UR5e for a school project and I seem to have run into a problem regarding Remote Control. Every function of remote control seems to be working just fine but when I first start up my program I still need to use the teachpannel to move to the starting position. I want to control the Cobot without the teachpannel so this is a problem. Does anybody know how to start a program without moving to a starting posistion?

This is the screen I am trying to avoid:


you can add a before start in the program with a movement, and set the waypoint to a relative position of about a mm. then it will beable to do the movements automaticly,. be carefull though, if the starting position is not what you expect it to be you might crash into something.

Thanks for your reply this solved the problem.

If you place a relative waypoint or a variable waypoint as your first waypoint, the robot will start moving by itself. :slight_smile:
But this introduces the risk of the robot colliding with stuff, if you play the program without the robot being near its home position. A way to solve that is to make an If command, that checks if the robot is near its starting position. And then you can make a safe home path by updating a variable through your program each time, the robot reaches a waypoint.
Then, in your BeforeStart, you can let the robot trace back the waypoints it’s been to, if it was shut down before finishing its process.

There’re different ways to do it, and I don’t think there’s a simple way to do it, so it’s up to yourself how you solve the risk of colliding. Or if you solve it.:slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply.
I solved it by adding a waypoint which moves the arm 0.03mm. I see that your solution is probably safer but in my application there is little to no risk of the robot hitting something.

my solution was adding the Waypoint_1 action: