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Automatically send a brake release and start a script


My system consists in a robot and a remote computer which manages the commands and the monitoring of the robot.
For safety reason, (for example if the communication between the robot and the computer is not available), I would like to enable the robot automatically at the startup by sending a brake release command on the dashboard port, and then, send a script (which enable the freedrive command when a button is pressed) by using an URCap.

What are the best solutions to implement this?

1 - I tried to send a brake release command in the constructor of the installation node but it’s not working. I think, it is necessary to wait for the end of the booting sequence by checking the robot state.
2 - It is also possible to create a java timer to periodically check the robot state and then send the brake command…
3 - Or, should I use a daemon to do this? but is it possible to implement a daemon in java instead of C++ or python?
4 - …

Thank you for your help and your proposals!

Hi @aurelien.corbel,

Yes, you shall wait to the Dashboard server and the controller is ready.

I will suggest you go with the solution you feel most comfortable with. If you prefer to make the implementation in C++ or python, just go with that.