[Java]Force Freedrive Mode

Hi there!
Could you please explain me, is there any way to force the Robot to go into the Freedrive Mode through the URCap ?
Thank you a lot in advance .

I haven’t done it myself, but you could likely use the Script Communicator classes (URCap-ScriptCommunicator/com.jbm.urcap.sample.scriptCommunicator/src/main/java/com/jbm/urcap/sample/scriptCommunicator/communicator at master · BomMadsen/URCap-ScriptCommunicator · GitHub) to send the script command upon button press. I know these classes work just fine, I use them a lot, just haven’t sent this exact command.

RIA is also going to be cracking down on collaborative robots and their “freedrive” functionality within the year supposedly (heard that from UR). They are apparently requiring all cobots to use a 3-Position enabling device, at which point the ability to trigger freedrive via software might just disappear altogether. Just throwing that out there, I hope it doesn’t come to pass.

You can use script to enter freedrive mode the real question is why you want to and if that’s the correct solution. When I insert a part in to a vice I can enable freedrive just on the X or Y axis so when the vice closes on my part so the UR has some play allowing it movement. Creating your own freedrive button is possible too but there are also exsiting URCaps that have a feature to let you turn it on/off without the button like Robotiq grippers have ActiveDrive I believe that’s part of the gripper URCap