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Auto initialise e-Series simulator


Auto initialise the e-Series simulator to save time and provide initialisation prompt on real robot

What is it?

It would be wonderful if, like the CB3 simulator, the e-Series simulator could be initlaised automatically on startup. It is very frustrating having to manually go through and initlaise the e-Series robot. Likewise on a real robot, to have a prompt to initialise the robot on startup as with the CB3.

Why is it needed?

It would just be a huge convenience, and make any development that is e-Series specific feel that much smoother. On a real robot it would be also really nice to have the an initialisation prompt on startup as the CB3 does. As someone who is often switching between CB3 and e-Series on both sims and real robots, it feels so annoying constantly having to remember to initialise the e-Series when it happens automatically on the CB3!

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I think that it’s very nice request.
By the way, I created the feature that the state of robot is changed to “poweron” and “break release” automatically after starting by using RTDE and dashboard. I use it only at time that I do debugging.