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Asking about bluetooth connection to controller

Does anyone try to connect joystick by bluetooth?

In the URSim, it is recognized the joystick.

But For real robot. it doesn’t work.
and it failed to start bluetooth becuase of error (something like below)
bluetooth.service - Bluetooth service
Loaded: loaded
Active: Failed (Result: exit-code)… etc

Does anyone know how to connect?!

Sounds like the UR controller doesn’t have the right drivers installed for the Bluetooth dongle you’re using.

Does it have to be bluetooth? I’ve found generic wired USB joypads work out of the box… you could try one of those. Otherwise you’ll need to figure out how to install correct drivers.


I got the flight joystick from china, and it looked USB joystick but internal protocol was bluetooth.
It has various button and function so I would use it fully.

I succeed to control UR by URsim but it didn’t work.
I also thought that it was because of driver.

Anyway I will try with easier way