Analogue_In of UR5e not reading correct current values from a temperature sensor

We have a UR5e robot that we want to interface an omron temperature sensor with(ES1C, which outputs a current range of 4-20 mA at an operating voltage of 12-24 volts).

The sensor has 5 pins (2 power pins, one earth shielding pin, 2 data pins) which were connected as appropriately needed to the robot’s control box (24 v power pin of the horizontal digital input block to the power pin of the sensor, horizontal digital input block’s ground to sensor ground, supply GND from the remote block for the shielding pin, and analogue input AI1 and AG pin for the data pins).

Using an ammeter and reading the current values from the sensor’s data pins (when the sensor data pins were disconnected from the robot) gives the expected current outputs, which were within the the expected current range of 4-20 mA. A heat source was placed in front of the sensor and the current increased as expected.

Our issue lies in the fact that within the teach pendant of the UR5e, the analogue readings (once turned to current mode) gave us the message of (out of range) and the slider said that the current supplied was above 20mA, which is not correct as proven by the ammeter test. Is there any way to fix or address this issue? As stated, the sensor works when an ammeter is connected and the readings match expected behavior under different temperature circumstances.

Thank you!