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Add flag to TCP to allow editing of URCap-contributed TCPs in built-in GUI


Add a method to add a TCP and allow the built-in TCP Configuration to still edit the coordinates and use of the Position and Orientation wizards.

What is it?

Add a setEditable/getEditable to com.ur.urcap.api.domain.tcp.tcp (TCP Interface) that when set allows the use of Rename, Position and Orientation, as well as allow normal editing of the coordinate fields, in the built-in TCP Configuration GUI.

Alternatively it could be added to TCPContributionModel instead as another constructor (“addTCP(String idKey, String suggestedName, Boolean editable”).

Why is it needed?

This allows URCap developers to add TCPs to an installation and grouping them under the URCap TCP group while still allowing the end-user to edit the TCP.
This is useful for tool changer, and similar, implementations to allow the end-user to change the TCPs of the tools without requiring a full re-implementation of TCP editing and wizards in the URCap. While the end-user could create a new TCP, use the wizards and copy the numbers, that would add several unnecessary steps.

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actually, we re-implemented the TCP editing which confuses our customers because of this missing feature, so thumbs up for that request :+1: