In case of lost password


We have an old UR robot and we seem to have forgotten the mode password. the only method I can see the resolve this is to save the URP on an external drive and then reinstall polyscope.

Is there a easier method?

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You can dig into the underlying Linux and delete the file manually to clear the password. I have a feeling reinstalling Polyscope may not even wipe that out.

To do so, plug a keyboard into the pendant and then hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 (for your reference later, Ctrl+Alt+F7 will take you back to Polyscope)

Now type “root” as the login and “easybot” as the password (it won’t look like you’re typing anything in for the password, but it’s working)

Now type “ls -a” (that’s lowercase L s SPACE -a) to List All the files. You should see a file named “.urpass.file.” This is the one you need to delete.

Run the command “rm .urpass.file” to remove it. (You can use the TAB key to autocomplete the command so you know you’ve typed it right). Run another “ls -a” to verify that this file is gone, then reboot the robot (Ctrl+Alt+F7 to go back to Polyscope). Now you can re-set your password to whatever you want.


I dont think you can access the file system from the console of polyscope, as its always running and to the best of my knowledge doesnt allow for user commands.

The easiest thing to do is to download filezilla, or another FTP program, and use this to access the file system of the robot, and delete the .urpass file. To access the robots ftp server, you need the robots IP address (in filezilla, this is the “host”) the username is “root” the password is “easybot” and the port is 22.

Navigate to the root folder of the robot and you should find “.urpass” delete this file, reboot the robot, and the password should have been removed! (If you forgot the safety password, this method also works, just remove “.ursafetypass”

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I have finally had time to test this method and it works great. Thanks for the help

The other method seems to work for me, so I don’t know why i have access to the file system. If that ever becomes a problem, it is good to know that there are multiple ways of doing this. Thanks for the input.

There is also a magic file that will erase all passwords and all you do is put it on a thumb drive and insert it into the pendant and it does the rest.

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