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Software 5.9.5

Inside a Force command in the Z+ plane (or maybe any plane?), add a Move Until distance reached in Z = 20mm.

Expected behavior: The robot will force move in the Z+ plane until 20mm is reached.

Actual behavior: The robot force moves in the Z+ plane for a time and random distance.

The robot is manipulating a pneumatic tapping arm. The robot is using the screw driving code to drive the tapping motor down into the work piece and it works well. Then the robot is reversing the tapping arm and lightly pulling up to follow the tap arm as it reverses. When doing this by hand, almost no force is required to manipulate the tap arm.

I am newly registered to this forum and cannot find a button to create a new issue. How do I start a new topic?

Software version: 5.11.0

Robot Generation: 10e

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a ‘Set Payload’ command to a program
  2. Suppress the command
  3. Save the program and go to open a different program
  4. Return to the recently saved program (either by opening a new one and then returning or just opening the saved one)

Expected behavior: Set Payload command remains and is suppressed

Actual behavior: Set Payload command is replaced by a suppressed CircleMove command

This has been replicated on two different UR10e robots. It is only the Set Payload commands that get replaced by CircleMove from what has been tested.