Change of behaviour in move until expression

I have observed that in the version of Polyscope
The until expression in movement is behaving different.
I had a program which used a movement with until expression force()>6, which was working on previous versions and in this version is not working.

Is this a bug or the until expression behavior has changed ?

I did it this way instead of using tool contact, in order to select how much force the robot has to sense to stop the motion.

Do I have another way to do this ?

Are you using the “zero_ftsensor()” command before doing this? If you don’t, the force torque sensor can accumulate some sort of floating torque, so when it calls the force() command, it thinks the value is already above 6. You can verify this by adding a thread to your program, and just assign a variable to force() so you can monitor the value.

Apart from not working what actually happens when you run the program? Can you post your program either as a photo or the program it self?

It behaves as if it was not an until, it never stops the movement.
If it collides with something, a protective stop appears instead of stopping the movement.


I have added the zero_ftsensor(), and now it works.