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Ability to write variable to text file


In my program I have a table with few variables and I would like to keep the values in external txt file.

Is there any command in ur script which will allow to save variable to an external txt file?

Thank you in advance,


Hello fellow Pole,

How many variables are we talking about?
What is the goal?
Do you want to keep the values between shutdowns? Then you can use Installation variables.
If you just want to load them before starting program, then maybe convert the txt file to script and add a Script node calling that script.

Cześć @dozminkowski!

One table with 15 variables.

The goal is to keep the values between shutdowns, exactly!
I am using installation variables but I have to reset them each cycle, despite this.

What do you mean reset? Do you shutdown robot gracefully or pull the plug? I used Installation variables and they kept their values after shutdown as expected.