Reading and Writing Variables Between PLC and Cobot

I have been looking through the forum and support pages of universal robots for a while now trying to figure out all the communication tips and tricks to use between robot and plc. So I learned how to read and write variables inside the robot program but I’m trying to find a way to read and write the installation variables so that they don’t have to rely on the robot program being in the “Running” condition in order to update. I’m assuming there is a way to do this using URscript in a URcap file but I am not trained when it comes to things like writing code so I was hoping that there might already be a URcap file that accomplishes this. If not, what do i need in order to develop this URcap file and install it in my robot?

You want to be able to have the PLC set installation variables when the robot program isn’t running?

Is it an option to have the PLC write to input registers and then those values sitting there get read when the robot is played?

Another option is that you can write to installation variables using the socket interfaces that accept script commands. Eg Primary/Secondary/RTC.

Might be ugly to send those strings on the PLC though.