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XMLRPC Issues with the first command

Hi all,

I am having an issue where my script command XMLRPC is being delayed on the first command.

here is some background information:

My program uses a XMLRPC method outside of the script command for some functionality, like actuate/ Home/ settings:

xmlRpcDaemonInterface = new XmlRpcMyDaemonInterface(“”, 33000);

For the main program my Cap uses the normal URScript method :

writer.appendLine(XMLRPC_VARIABLE+"= rpc_factory(“xmlrpc”,“”)");

Both of them works as intended. if they are not used sequentially.

My problem is that if send the actuate command and then start a program there is a 3 second delay before the command in the script is sent to my daemon. I debugged my cap and it seems to be somewhere in the writer.

How can I reduce the delay time on the first command under this scenario?


Mat. O.