Wish: Switch back to Remote Control from another operational mode without Teach Pendant


Return to Remote Control mode after switching to Manual mode (using I/O or Profinet). No Teach-Pendant present!

What is it?

Although it is possible to change from Remote Mode to Manual Mode using Remote Control, it seems that it isn’t possible to go back to the Remote Mode using I/O or Profinet. I need this feature, because no Teach Pendant (nor VNC) is present in our application.

Why is it needed?

Remote Mode is needed to use the Remote Control capabilities (eStop-Recovery, Protective-Stop-Recovery and Initialization).
Manual Mode is needed due to the freedrive.
It is necessary to switch between both for debugging.

Can you access the Dashboard server? It allows you to remotely set the operational mode.

Hi eric,

Thank you for the advice.

As mentioned, yes it is possible to use the Dashboard (Remote Control) in that direction, but once you change the operation mode to Manual or Automatic, you loose the connection to the dashboard (no way back to Remote Mode).

Did you ever resolve this issue? I need to do the same thing to take advantage of automatic mode safeguard stop. I don’t have teach pendants on all my robots either.

Hi mewescott,

Unfortunately there is no other option than switching between the REMOTE and LOCAL/MANUAL modes. Nevertheless, to avoid connecting the Teach Pendant, we use a VNC connection to the UR controller (Polyscope HMI is displayed). Once in LOCAL/MANUAL mode, we activate the Freedrive over the PROFINET, since we have a “Master System” with its own “Panic-button”. Once the Freedrive has been activated, you can move the robot by hand or using the VNC connection.

I hope this helps somehow.


Maybe the UR+ product from Olis Robotics can help? Allows remote control though a VPN protected edge device.