Why my UR5 does not stop when it hit something?

I am doing program for my UR5. I just wonder why it did not give any warning/stop when I hit on the robot. Please watch the video.

Not advocating violence, but you have to hit it harder. And maybe closer to the TCP where the F/T sensor are?

When it hits you back, and it will some day, I’ve found it hurts more when it hits you with the arm and not as much with the TCP.

During a move, grab the TCP and try to hold it in place or put your hand in front of it an try to keep it there. Should stop much easier than hitting the arm.

In addition, if you want it to trigger with more sensitivity you need to go into the safety setting in the installation tab and reduce the speed/power/force values for the arm. This will limit/reduce overall speed and force of the robot. Best of luck!