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What is the point of the ContributionConfiguration for the Installation node


In the InstallationNodeService class (that implements the SwingInstallationNodeService), the method configureContribution (see below) is included with an input parameter for a ContribtuonConfiguration object. However, for the installation node service, this object is empty.

So what exactly is the point of this object?

What is it?

Here is the method for the configureContribution that is overriden in the implementation of the SwingInstallationNodeService:

	public void configureContribution(ContributionConfiguration configuration) {

Why is it needed?

I am trying to set the default values for the Datamodel of BOTH the installation contribution and the program contribution objects. I want to set these default values BEFORE the initialization of the InstallationNodeContribtution and the ProgramNodeContribution - so I thought the configureContribution seemed like a good place to do this. However, I was stumbled as to what the point of the input parameter ‘configuration’ in the InstallationNodeService is. I get that it has a point in the ProgramNodeService (where you can setAllowChildren etc).

ContributionConfiguration objects of screwdriver and gripper have setlogo method.
Perhaps has it been implemented for screwdriver, gripper and so on in general?