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What is meant by collaborative mode?

What is meant by the collaborative mode in UR Driver? Are there any interfaces involved in enabling collaborative mode?

Do you know where “collabolative mode” is written?
Maybe I think it means freedrive mode or force mode.

This is where I found it https://www.universal-robots.com/about-universal-robots/news-centre/universal-robots-showcases-new-cobot-powered-solutions-at-atx-west-in-the-us/
According to the above article it is mentioned as below.

The latest design showcased at ATX includes two safety mats and two area scanners that detect when people enter the work envelope, allowing the system to meet even higher speeds when not in collaborative mode.

I think it means “reduced mode”.
It can be triggered by CI0~CI7.

To support team.

Is it correct what I wrote above?

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Hi Fujikit,

yes, it seems that the reduced mode is referred in this article as collaborative mode. Next to the Configurable Inputs CI0 - CI7 as you mentioned, it can also be triggered by the safety planes available in the UR safety settings.

Using the reduced mode in certain parts of the program and/or scenario helps creating a collaborative application, but it is no guarantee. Handling sharp, pointy parts on an unfortunate height (e.g. head) even going very slow and with the lowest force limit could still require additional safety measurements.