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VNC viewer does not connect sometimes returning 10053 error

I am using RealVNC viewer to remote control the Teach Pendant and it works fine except not all the time. It connects successfully sometimes but most of the times I keep getting the 10053 error. I am always connected to the same Wi-Fi so I cannot figure out why VNC viewer cannot get through every time. I tried pinging from command prompt to robot’s IP and confirmed that there is a successful connection (I can even use the Log Viewer). And when I connect from VNC viewer it does ask for the robot’s password and as soon as I enter it and click OK I get this below error.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

I’ve seen this a lot of the connection to the x11vnc server isn’t terminated properly.

If you’ve used that vnc install that’s on the forums, you can restart the server by logging in over ssh and running this:

/etc/init.d/x11vnc stop
/etc/init.d/x11vnc start

For a permanent fix, x11vnc has some arguments you can use when starting the server to allow multiple connections etc.

I believe -shared and -forever are applicable.