View installation with operational mode controlled by IO

Hi I have an installation file in which I need to see the configuration of the TCP, float registers, bool registers, etc. Right now I don’t have a robot to load the file and I am trying to open it with the simulator. The problem is that the installation file is set to operational mode controlled by Safety_IO and I can’t switch to manual mode. I have tried to change the operational mode with the dashboard command “set operational mode manual” but it is not working.

Is there any way to see the installation configuration?

Have you had any luck figuring a work around to this problem?

I have had a similar issue that I posted about a few days prior to yours (see link below). As no one is answering I have reached out directly to UR Robots to try and get assistance.

Effectively it seems the simulator is locked up if it is set to be controlled by Safety_IO.

Hi Peter, I haven’t figured out any way to unlock it.
In my case I just needed to know the position of a BoolRegister, this can be done by opening the .script file of the program. Every time a variable is used it is translated this way:

it would be great if you get an answer for this problem.

P.S.: Sorry I didn’t find your topic before opening mine.

When you start Polyscope it always loads default.installation first. If you have a backup copy of default.installation that does not have the safety input configured to switch operationla mode then you can copy that backup installation file over the current used one BEFORE you start Polyscope.

Hi Peter, dose it work? I met the same issue for a while and I we have no idea to unlock the safety operational mode. Why it happens? We believe that there is few tuturial avaliable in both manual and script doc provided by UR office.

The Problems:

  1. Both the Installation and Program Tab were locked and most setting in hamburger at topright corner can not be chosen.
  2. We can neither swith the opeational mode nor load any other .urp file expect a specific one, (It is weird that the robot can move and execute a specific program in this mode)

The problem has been solved.

we upplug the SD card and find a .installation file named “defaut.installation”. Then we replace the file with the backup one.

Hi 219019006 I did not solve it, I just waited for our UR robots to go online and started programming on them instead. Also, note this was a polyscope only question, so there were no SD cards.

However, your solution is a great one. I could have simply swapped out the default.installation file after taking some screenshots and just left out the safety I/O configurations.

In the future, it would be fantastic if UR could have a simulate mode for us to manually drive the safety inputs high/low.