Variables not displaying when running

I have some variables setup in initialise variables
The variables are Boolean
I set and unset them throughout my program , however I do not see any variable values displayed on any screen or tab when my program is running

This is making debugging very difficult

How do I enable the display of variables so I can track their values

Please advise

do you have some pictures?
i havn´t the problem in this big case , like you

Are you using the “Assignment” option on the programming for declaring the variables or using a script?
If you are using the “Assignment” the variables should be displayed the moment they initialize. If you are using a script, make sure you are declaring them with the reserved word global to make sure they are not local variables (e.g.: global Var1 = False)

Hi all

Surprisingly without doing anything other than turning the machine off and on again, the variables have suddenly appeared again

The whole set of screens showing variables was completely blank, but then now fully available again

I really don’t know how it’s fixed itself as I tried the off on fix many times without success before posting my question

Oh well I’ll have to wait for the issue to come back

Thanks for your responses

We’ve seen the same issue here.
I suspect, but haven’t confirmed that it’s connected to the issue we occasionally see where global values do not get saved to permanent memory -

For example, we run a setup program where the operator enters part dimensions. While the setup program is still running, those values are used. Once the program stops, those values all revert back to the previous values, so when we start our production program the values are wrong.

Restarting the control fixes that issue for a while.
UR is aware of the problem and has been able to duplicate it, but not resolve it so far.
We’ve seen this repeatedly on at least 3 of our 8 UR5e robots. Since we’re aware of it, we can watch out for it, but it cost us a couple days of having to re-sort parts.

I created a program which displays the value of a variable, then overwrites it with a random number, then stops the program.
The operator runs it again, and verifies that the numbers are different. If they’re the same, then the system has slipped into the bad mode and needs to be restarted.