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Value of installation variable not retained from one program to the next

I have an application where I am using the dashboard server to execute a recipe for a particular part number (i.e. a specific sequence of multiple urp’s are executed for the given part number). In some cases, I set the value of an installation variable to be used in a downstream urp. The variable is then used in a switch statement to determine the next waypoint depending on the output of the previous program.



I am seeing occasions where the value of the installation variable is not retrained from one program to the next. This is causing the robot to make unexpected movements.

This does not occur every time, and I cannot explain what is happening

It looks like you’re using the same installation for all programs right?
Can you tell something more about them:

  • how many installation variables are used?
  • is variable assigned just before program is terminated?
  • can you add 500ms wait at the end before you stop the program, and load a new one.
  • alternatively have 500ms delay before loading a new program.

Hi @mmi

Yes, same installation file for all programs and there are 46 installation variables. The variable value is written just before the program finishes. I will add the delay before stopping the program.

Do you suspect there is some latency saving the variable?

Controller sends global variables every 100ms to GUI that is responsible for persisting values in installation.