Using Force Mode to Hold a Part Against a Wall

In the manual it implies Force Mode is for following a compliant axis with resistance.

I use it to push parts into a corner and hold it in place while I close the vise. Problem is the part often bounces around as Force is applied.

Currently I play a guessing game to get good settings but that doesn’t seem consistent at all. One day one thing works, the next day some other setting works.

Is there a way to calculate settings that will prevent the part from bouncing while in force mode? Or maybe a best practice for force and speed that will hold the part still in the corner instead of bouncing it around?

Can you just move to a position and then stop? Or does turning the vice put too much torque and starts backdriving the robot?

If you have to use force, I would assume that a slow speed at high force would yield the best results. You could use Move Until Tool Contacts to hit the edges, then once you’re butted up against the wall, you can use a slow speed right force Force move maybe?

If I just slide up to the corner it bounces out and does not stay. It’s only .005" to .010" or so most of the time, but that’s out of tolerance for my parts.

I need the part sitting flat in the vise and up against the stop.