User info - message box

Hi all,
I use UR5 arm + DI/DO circuits for some cycling test. Test itself consists of several thousands cycles and I want to provide users with some basic info through Polyscope, i.e. cycles done, cycles to go, etc. I was able to display this info through informational popup window according UR help, but still, I feel it is not the ideal approach - repeatedly opening and closing popups with potentially deadly “stop program” button makes me a bit nervous.
Is there any better way how to inform user about test progress? Some graphic frame with variable values and text descriptions would be great.
Thanks for help.

We’ve been looking to do the same basic thing - we are measuring parts and would like to display the measured value for the operator to see. Haven’t found a good method yet. Seems like a common need.
One option that just occurred to me is to use the Variables window when in run mode, and name the variables with the desired information so they show up at the beginning of the list.

@dpeva Has the correct answer. You can probably achieve a nice, clean HMI-like experience if you made a UR CAP, but that will be a substantial amount of work, especially if you aren’t familiar with how to make them.