URSim Change window size

I am running a UR sim on Windows 10 using Oracle VirtualBox 6.1 but can’t figure out how to fit the interface window to my screen,
and when I do resize, it makes the window look like that picture:

Any ways to fix this? I have tried adjusting settings but nothing has seemed to work

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thanks for the help,
I tried this but it didn’t work for me.

It took me a while to get it myself.

If this is a new install of virtualbox, i recommend installing guest additions via the devices menu.

After I installed guest additions and tried to play with the settings the problem still happened.
maybe this is about settings inside the ur interface?

I didn’t realize before that your simulation software was not full screen sized to the VM… I thought it was just the VM being tiny like that other thread.

I just started a new VM, ran the XRANDR command, and then opened the URSim for the 10e and it worked fine… though i see your software is the non-e version, maybe the issue is in that.