URScript commands in RTDE

Hi there!

I sucessfully followed the instructions in the RTDE tutorial and I can read the robot messages, but for what I have understood, using RTDE I can only send data fields from the Robot controller inputs table. Am I correct? Is there a way to send URScript commands via the RTDE protocol?

In the other hand, using the Real Time Client I’m receiving packages of 1081 bytes in the socket connection, different from the 1060 in the Client Interface document. Is there a need for syncronization with the controller?

Thanks in advance.

RTDE only supports the described inputs and outputs, including the numerous general purpose bool, int and floats.
Hence, RTDE does not support URScript commands. This is only supported over clients; Primary, Secondary and Realtime.

However consider that you can build a program, that receives and processed the GP values received over RTDE - e.g. 6 floats for a pose or joint angle motion.

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