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URCaps Installation

i am new here and i didn’t understand how to install the URCaps SDK ,
i have already the virtualbox and the URSim 3.4.0 installed
should i at first Eclipse IDe in my virtual machine install ?
and what about the Stqrter.Zip is it necessary too?

In the virtual machine, you’ll find a folder sdk-**** (sdk-1.0.1-8 in my case, it may now have a higher version).
Inside this folder you’ll find a sh script called install.sh, just execute it to install everything automatically.
I don’t think you need the Starter.zip, cause I didn’t remember it.

Also, have a look at the readme.txt, and the doc/urcap_tutorial.pdf inside the sdk folder for more informations :slight_smile:


I tryed to install the ´´install.sh´´ but i have always the same problem:
this message appears :
(The required tool ‘dialog’ is not installed. Would you like to install it now (y /n)?)
i pushed yes but it doesn’t work
I am really blocked
I can not start even find the 'Helloworld’
what should I do
with best regards

Huum, you could try to install “dialog” manualy with sudo apt-get install dialog -y and retry.
(If it work for dialog, but the same message appear instead “mvn” instead, do the exact same thing.)

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Also, try to run install.sh as sudo
Or run chmod +x install.sh first.

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