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URCap Custom NodeFactory

I am working on a URCap with several Nodes and I would like to configure them before I insert them in the tree.
Is it possible to have a custom ProgramNodeFactory for my Nodes? I have not found any examples and I cannot figure out a way looking through the API.

Currently, the solution I have is that my nodes implement my custom Api and then I can use that api after I insert the node.

TreeNode treeNode = parent.addChild(nf.createURCapProgramNode(MyURCapService.class));
URCapProgramNode programNode = (URCapProgramNode) treeNode.getProgramNode();
MyURCapApi myApi = programNode.getAs(MyURCapApi.class); // only works after the node has been added to the tree

Is this the only way to do it? Or would the factory basically do the same thing anyway?

Thank you

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