UR3e Dashboard Server TIA Portal

I am trying to get a communication between my PLC S7-1500 and a UR3e.
For that I am using the Dashboard server and the communication blocks TSEND_C and TRCV_C
Unfortunatly the TSEND_C Block shows # 7004 which means it is not sending.
Has anyone an idea why this is happening?
Thank you!

I did trace it.
The Status goes from 7004 to 7005 when the trigger arrives
then it goes to 0 when the done bit is activated. then it goes back to 7004
But my robot did not recieve any data.
I don’t get it

So the switch to 7005 should mean, that the message has been succesfully sent and received. :slight_smile:

What does the data you’re sending look like? You need to use line breaks in the command strings.

This is what my Data i send looks like. I use $L as line breaks just as you do in your picture.

I think you should remove the space after “on”. :slight_smile:

Also make sure that:

  • UR3e is not initialized (red indicator in lower left corner)
  • UR3e is in Remote mode (upper right corner, can be enabled in System Settings)
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Thank you, I will try without the space after “on”.
I feel like sometimes the connection works, but sometimes it doesn’t. Is it correct to open the TSEND_C Block everytime I want to send something?
If I want to read, do I have to put the Robot as active partner?

You can both have the connection open constantly or open it each time. If you send commands regularly, I would keep it open. :slight_smile:

Active partner? Not sure I understand. If you want to read, you should make a TRCV_C (or whatever it’s called) to receive strings and store in datablocks.