Communication UR10e with Siemens PLC (TIA) via Dasboard Server

Good morning together,

I´m struggling to get a running communication between my UR10e and my Siemens PLC (CPU 1212 TIA15.1) via Dashboard Server.

To do the data exchange I use a OUC Communication which is established via TCON (and deactivated via TDISCON):

For sending and receiving data i have to use the blocks TSend and TRCV:

The syntax of a command looks like this (you can see on the left site of the following pic).

By pressing a Button on HMI the String (from left site) will be moved to the string on the right site and then will be send to the UR.

That works fine.

Now i try to read the answer from the UR.

I put the Robot on Remote control, then i activate the OUC Communication on my PLC.
If i press now “Start” on my Siemens PLC, the string for example for “Stop” it looks like this:

I send the stop command (on Robot HMI i can see that the Robot is stopped).

But the Robot itself sends (to me) nonsense to the Siemens PLC.
For my process it is very important, that i can get a correct feedback from the UR at my Siemens PLC, as i not only want to start/ stop the robot from here… I also want to open different Robot-Programms from my Siemens PLC. For that i have to get a correct answer of which program (on Robot) is loaded.

When i try this Dashboard Server Communication with the SocetTester i can receive the answers like its explained in the Dashboard Server Manual:

Does anyone has and Idea?

Thank you very much in advance.

Many greetings from Luxembourg.


I´ve changed the Receiving Datablock Format. Instead of receiving a string, I´m using now an Array [0…100] of CHAR.

Now the answer from the Robot looks like this:

Why does the Robot send “readable” Data only from CHAR68?
When i Send a new Command to the Robot, the Answer starts from somewhere else…
I don´t understand how the answer of the UR is created…