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UR3 interactive web-configurator with CAD

I have built a prototype web-configurator with CAD for the UR3 model here. Its just a 4 DOF experiment with very few options.

Im looking for feedback on what would make something like this more than an experiment and actually add value for the robotics community.


The prototype can be tested here or easily embedded on another page if that makes sense: DynaMaker

Some initial thoughts:

  1. What exports would be interesting for an arm? CAD-parts? 2D-drawings? Source code templates?
  2. Would anyone use customizable grippers that you can download and 3D-print (or buy)? Perhaps there exist gripper brands that would suite this?
  3. Is 4 DOF enough or do you need all degrees computed through inverse kinematics?
  4. Could a web-interface control a robot (digital twin) somehow? Would that make sense?

Grateful for any thoughts and feedback.

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