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Large script causes fault/crashes controller

UR10e, PolyScope v5.6

I am having an issue with UR scripts, specifically files over 25000 lines. I am sending script files to the UR through the RTDE interface. The large files cause warnings, faults, and shut down the controller (but not the polyscope). The most common warning is “Thread used too much time:” and most faults are loss of communication with a joint. I am not creating threads with my script, I am only doing linear moves.

My questions are:
Is the large script size the cause of this problem? If so, what is the maximum script size and where can I find more information about it?
What causes the state NO CONTROLLER and how is the PolyScope able to run without the controller?
Is there anyway to remotely send a file, like FTP, rather than sending the text contents of a file to the controller?