UR insight vs Robotiq Insight

My UR offers a “UR Insight” monitoring package and Robotiq offers “Robotiq Insights”. They appear to perform the same function. Are they the same? Does UR just provide Robotiq insight on license? I know UR insights has a standard and pro version. When I download the UR Cap for UR Insight, it comes up saying myUR monitioring. I like the look of robotiq insight, does UR Insight have the same features?

They’re not the same, no. :slight_smile:

UR Insight does not offer remote access to the actual interface, but provides a dashboard for monitoring all your robots and their current status (running, error etc), as far as I am aware.
Also it allows you to quickly download log files and other service-related features.

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Okay, that clears it up. Thank you for the help.