Unwind wait time with Euromap 67

To those who are familiar with Euromap’s IMMI, is there a way for the Cobot to read off an Injection Molding Machine’s unwind time? By unwind time, I mean the time it takes for the machine to fully unthread/unscrew a molded part after the mold opens. We need this so that we don’t keep adjusting for the Cobot’s wait time. Unwind times are never on the dot with the Cobot. It will be off by 2 seconds or more depending on the size of the molded part. Maybe there’s a script function for it? We are using Arburg machines and the Euromap 67 version.


Euromap does not pass numerical data such as unwind time, it is only capable of discrete communication. You are referring to having an unthreading tool, correct? What mechanically drives the threading mechanism? I would recommend tying in your threading mechanism on your tool to either your ejector forward/backward Euromap signals or possibly your core set/pull signals if it is hydraulic. A good practice is to always have the robot return back to its waiting “pounce” position 1-2 seconds before the mold opens to avoid inconsistent cycle times.