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Two Force Torque Sensors possible?

Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible at all to use two force sensors simultaneously on a UR10? One would be normally installed at the robot flange, the other one would be used for a hand guide.

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Why exactly do you need two of them? U could use a e-Series UR with a built-in FT sensor and attach a robotiq ft sensor so it is definately possible.
Another Idea could be a FT Sensor that is located at the Robot Base like Fanuc does it with their CR series🤔

Thanks for the answer.
The idea was to use the forces occurring at the hand guide and a mounted tool independently.

where did you envisage mounting the 2 FT sensors?

One between the robot flange and a mounted tool, the other one perpendiculary at a hand guide.

The FT300 does not work on the UR e-series

@mschlegel you are right. sorry for the confusion. i think it may work with the force copilot urcap with some script code changes. Maybe the robotiq guys here have an idea? there are also other FT sensors which should do the job

Ok, I didn’t know that. Now I’m curious why the FT 300 doesn’t work on the e-Series?
And additionally, is the atuomatic built-in sensor somehow more accurate or qualitatively better?

Robotiq have released their Force Copilot to be compatible with e-Series.
The FT300 is compatible with CB3, and has comparable specifications to the built-in force sensing capabilities of the e-Series.


Copilot does not support at this stage the information coming from more than one sensor.