Turn off Touch screen in Teaching Pendant

Currently the touch screen on our Teaching Pendant is having issues. The pointer seems to be stuck on a particular place.

We can plug a mouse in but the touch screen is still overriding it.

Is there a way to turn off the touch screen in the teaching pendant so that we can use a mouse to control the pointer?

Has anyone seen any issues where the mouse pointer is stuck in a particular location?


Justin Woo

Have you power cycled the robot? You can press and hold the power button on the pendant to power the robot down if it gets stuck.

If you’ve done this and it’s still stuck you might want to get ahold of UR.

We just had an issue where the touch screen went completely unresponsive (same time as the robot control board died).
Out of nowhere the system shut down and wouldn’t restart. Swapped out pendants with another robot and discovered the touch screen issue. swapped out SD cards to rule that out for the startup problem.
Sent in the pendant for repair or swap. Waiting for that and a new control board.

If it’s a CB serie robot you can disconnect the RS-232 cable plug in the controller from the motherboard which is the TP touchscreen cable, not really long term fix but if somehow the touchscreen is jammed pressed it might help you out using a mouse in the meantime. Check section 5.3.5 of the CB service manual.