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Touch-up a Remote TCP PCS?

I have loaded a toolpath, setup the remote TCP and PCS. A part is held by grippers on the robot flange and moves to a fixed spindle. The program executes well, but I need to make a slight XYZ adjustment. When I go to the URCaps/Remote TCP and Toolpath/Remote TCP PCS tab and attempt to make manual adjustments in the XYZ position fields, it seems to corrupt the PCS. If I go into the Wizard, it seems to allow me only to re-teach the PCS. Is there a way to touch-up the PCS to make slight incremental changes to the origin? Thanks for any assistance!

Hi Bruce,

You should be able to just adjust those values in the text boxes accordingly. How is the PCS being corrupted? Can you share any further info?

Hi AJ,

Yes, one would think so! After I set the PCS manually with the Wizard, setting the origin, then setting a point in +X, then setting a point in +Y, the program runs very close to what is expected. If I need to make a slight adjustment, for example, moving the entire toolpath 0.02” in +X, when I go to the position fields in the Remote TCP PCS tab and manually adjust the X position value (for example the X field is -1.86 in and I manually adjust to -1.88 in); the field does change to the new value; but when I go to execute the program again, the part has moved about 2” from the original position. When I go back into the installation, Remote TCP PCS, the X position values are now reading -0.07…not the number I had typed in. If I attempt to retype in the original values in the field, they do appear to change. However when I run the program again, the values are changed back to the incorrect corrupted values. Any idea why this is happening?

Unfortunately at this point, it seems the only thing I can do is reteach the origin again with the Wizard. If I am a little off again, there does not seem to be a way to touch-up the origin values.

I have taken a video of this whole process, but not sure how to add a link here…I have attempted to send the link to your direct email address.

Thanks, Bruce

Hi Bruce,

Apologies for the delay, i’ve just returned from vacation. I have received your video and passed it on to my colleague @ypan who is more familiar with the RTCP functionality. He will take a look at this issue.

Hi @bruce2, this is confirmed as a bug in our RTCP functionality. A fix is being prepared that should hopefully make it into our next minor software release. I can confirm that this only affects the system when running with imperial units, switching to metric could be a temporary workaround if that’s acceptable to you.