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Toolbar Error ursim can't be open

Hi i’m have the problem about this picture when i’m open the ursim with toolbar,

when i’m activator the SwingToolbarService.class than i’m will get this error.

Anyone know how to fix it ?

I am also curious about this error.

Did you implement the Contribution constructor? Make sure no predefined methods return null in the Service and Contribution classes.

I had a similar problem with program or installation nodes and the solution was to implement the constructors that the Service class called and complete the predefined methods, so as to not have any methods that return null.

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I’m fixed this Error .

you can check all Override function .

In my case. I’m just lose one word in my icon path …

so, you can check More rigorous .

Hope it helps you .

The error is resolved due to your answer.
The cause was that the path character of the icon was wrong.

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